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Elemental Vessels

Elemental Vessels is loosely based on traditional Indian clay and metal vessel forms, ‘Hundis’, ‘Lotas’ and ‘Chattis’. These shapes have always lurked in my imagination and have been an inspirational source of form and texture. 
'There is no aspect of her work upon which Braganza has not reflected with great passion and lucidity. This instinctive process is fundamental to all her work. The move to Britain as a young woman and the various transitions from graphic art to sculpture and ceramics make her the quintessential post-modern figure, a fluidity of art form practice that is reflected in her own identity.

The making of each pot is labour intensive and the cerebral process involved extremely inward. It is not a surprise that these sculptural creations in the end have a meditational rather than a functional role
Dr. Nima Poovaya-Smith , Director, Alchemy
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