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Hampi- a spiritual journey

Hampi in South India is a recently discovered 14th C civilisation which has been designated a world heritage site and is a sacred place of Hindu mythology. The great Tungabhadra River which runs through the valley is surrounded by gigantic volcanic boulders.

These teetering structures which can be viewed from many perspectives have inspired my  fused forms, ‘Hampi Stones’. From one aspect their balance seems impossible. From another they appear stable and completely grounded – a reflection, perhaps, of the reality of a spiritual journey veering anywhere from doubt to certainty.

With this in mind I have made these ‘turning forms’ so they can be positioned in different ways – changing their dynamics and the viewer experience.
"The most recent ceramic forms in this exhibition take Loretta to a new threshold of abstraction, and an uncompromising brush with creative austerity. They are rich, vivid and unusual. She feels that her work explores the infra-thin gap “between certainty and doubt” that we all traverse. Static cohesion and changing polarities co-exist within the same piece, easily prompting Bergsonian rumination about matter and memory.’

David Briers, Art writer and critic